Joseph Sabastian

What made me a Tattoo artist is pure passion, inspiration, love and fantasy for the art. I opened the Heavens Tattoo Studio for creating a piece that my client can be proud of and have an experience to remember & share. I spend countless hours in designing a piece and approach every drawing as if I were doing it for myself.

“What your heart desires, Is what we desire too”

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I’m a trainee at heavens tattoo studio. I am being mentored by Joseph Sebastian himself so that I can further develop my own personal style of tattoo art. I strongly believe that tattoos signify and symbolize certain emotions to people. I hence work with an open heart and an open mind. Before inking my client I first understand their emotion that drives them to choose a specific tattoo. I hence naturally connect to the idea of inking myself for the whole world to see. I not only work with diligence but I also mentally and emotionally connect to what I do at heaven’s tattoo studio.