Welcome to the exciting world of Tattooing and your interest in becoming a Professional Tattoo Artist. Heavens Tattoo Training Academy gives lifetime change in your life! We are interested giving a solution for all your specific needs in Tattooing. Feel free to contact us directly. We will surely be able to assist and lead you to creative world of tattooing. Heavens Tattoo Training Academy is sure you will have a wonderful career in Tattooing. There’s no better way to understand where Heavens Tattoo Training Academy can take you. Spend less time thinking about the cost and more time seeing your career.


The basic premise behind all beginning level Tattoo classes is to provide students with the tattoo training necessary basic sketching add shading. Basic sketch classes train students to draw and make their own designs. All classes are taught in Tattoo studio were the environment is more comfortable. Where students can see the Artwork done by the Professional Tattoo Artists and you can practice in practice skins. While the instructor’s give guidance to you. We suggest you the best places to get tattoos


Our mission is to deliver quality knowledge transfer through innovative the skills of tattoo and creating more Tattoo Artist. Our Tattoo Training school have nice infrastructure we will update your Tattoo skills in Advanced Classes. Top Quality teaching we give more Individual Attention. Become a Professional Tattoo Artist and Learn Tattooing from the best Tattoo School in Bangalore. We have a wide experience in Tattooing. Heavens Tattoo Training Academy gives training and mentoring has a professional Tattoo Artist with Affordable Price and we are 100% SURE that our teachings will satisfy all your specific needs in Tattoo.

List of Courses

  • Individual Attention
  • knowledge on Tattooing Equipment and Tools
  • Professionalism in Tattooing.
  • Handling Customers
  • Communication skills
  • Tattoo Machine handling & Repair
  • Business knowledge
  • Art and designing
  • Outlining and Shading Technique
  • Tattoo Sterilization
  • Operational Technique
  • Tattoo After Care


After our course you will have solid drawing skills to give your tattooing a great foundation. You don’t have to be born with TALENT because anyone can learn what to do and how to the Tattoo Artwork and discover how to increase your creativity and improve your visual, spatial skills. You can be an artist!!!  So many people struggle with confidence and ability when they try to pursue their passion in Tattooing. Even if you have spent your time, effort, and money to improve your Tattooing ability, you probably still secretly wonder if you’re just not meant to be a tattoo artist.

You may be disappointed, frustrated. Well your frustrating journey is over this course directly targets key points that they would be artist has weaknesses in. This course deals with grass root of fundamentals requirement of every artist to get the novice up and going towards their passion Tattooing. This course will surely help and informative you out in terms of perspective and sketching you will feel more comfortable tattooing just about anything with the tattoo tips and technique that we will be teaching you. We also give training to be a tattoo artist as a professional.

After our course you will be getting a gift of “TATTOO KIT” where the kit contains Tattoo Ink Set, Black & Gray Inks, Tattoo Machine, Rotary Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Accessories, Tattoo Needles, Tattoo Grips, Tattoo Tips, Tattoo Power Supply, Tattoo Clip cord, Tattoo Equipment, Tattoo Aftercare based on your requirements.